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SEO agency reporting & what to look out for

Being a Digital Marketing agency ourselves, we understand that some agencies show you statistics that may not necessarily be relevant to the success of your business. We thought we would show you just one example that proves you should look a lot deeper into the analytics of your website to really understand the success of SEO. You may want to check out how SEO agencies should have evolved along with Google's ever changing search landscape.
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6 FREE content idea tools

We understand that coming up with creative and impactful ideas for content to promote your business can not always be easy. Content is the fuel of all your Digital Markets lets not forget, with various potential purposes. With the hundreds and thousands of articles out there competing for your buyers attentions, how do you ensure yours stands out and gets those clicks? Today we are going to run through our 6 favourite tools to help you come up with some ideas! If you want to find out more about Content creation, check this out

Google Search Results and why I we hate them (2019)

Google over the years have evolved their search platform and some may say for the better. However we have noticed some really frustrating changes and flaws in their algorithm. We believe these changes are financially motivated and is really starting to devalue their product. Although this devalues traditional SEO purely concentrating on SERPS, it also highlights the need for a holistic approach that looks at generating the right traffic from all sorts of sources on the web. Google came to be so popular through great PR and the fact it was so simple in design. They may be advised to go back to their original formula and concentrate on delivering the best results in the simplest format. Otherwise, we are sure someone else will, however our prediction in the video may be a little premature and based on hope rather than reality. For further information about a more holistic SEO approach, you can check out The likes of Rand Fishkin (ex Moz) has also m