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Google Search Results and why I we hate them (2019)

Google over the years have evolved their search platform and some may say for the better. However we have noticed some really frustrating changes and flaws in their algorithm. We believe these changes are financially motivated and is really starting to devalue their product. Although this devalues traditional SEO purely concentrating on SERPS, it also highlights the need for a holistic approach that looks at generating the right traffic from all sorts of sources on the web. Google came to be so popular through great PR and the fact it was so simple in design. They may be advised to go back to their original formula and concentrate on delivering the best results in the simplest format. Otherwise, we are sure someone else will, however our prediction in the video may be a little premature and based on hope rather than reality. For further information about a more holistic SEO approach, you can check out The likes of Rand Fishkin (ex Moz) has also made his feelings clear about the fact Google is getting greedy and not only pushing organic search down, but encouraging website owners to deliver up answers within Google search itself rather than go to their website. The ever increasing use of Rich Snippets, by SEO professionals, can effectively reducing the organic click through rate to websites they are trying to promote. We would highly recommend that you take all this into account when investing time and money into your SEO.


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